Domestic Competition Reminders and COVID Guidelines Update

Domestic Competition Reminders:

As restrictions ease and we begin to work our way towards ‘normal’ levels of activity at Dandenong Stadium, we would like to remind patrons of the following:

Saturday Domestic Competition:  The “No Ball” policy is in operation. Coaches are allowed to bring 2 warm up balls that must go back in their bags once teams have completed their warmup. Too many games have been interrupted by loose balls over the past few Saturdays and those spotted with basketballs will be asked to swiftly put them away. We appreciate your cooperation.

Entering the court area: A reminder to all players and spectators that the court area is for participants only whilst games are operating. Other players and spectators are not permitted on the court during half time or during time outs to shoot the ball.

Referees are being asked to enforce this and at times are facing resistance mainly from adult spectators.

Door Entry: With participation numbers increasing, so are the lines on entry into the stadium. Whilst we work through rectifying this situation, we encourage everyone to use cash for the door entry, this will speed up the entry process. We thank you for your patience and ask that you do not take any frustration out on the door staff.

COVID Guidelines Update:

Dandenong Basketball have adjusted its COVID-19 Guidelines for patrons at Dandenong Stadium in line with the Victorian Government’s easing of restrictions last Friday.

There is no longer a requirement for patrons to wear masks inside our venue and density limits for Dandenong Stadium competitions and programs have been removed. However, DBA encourages patrons to continue using our hand sanitizer stations, practice social distancing and wear masks during busy periods.

The following is still in place for WNBL events at Dandenong Stadium:

  • All patrons will need to check in using the Services Victoria QR Code provided.
  • All patrons aged 18+ must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19

Positive Cases / Close Contacts 

While Victoria’s isolation rules have changed, many of the COVID-19 risks still remain.

Should a participant, staff member, volunteer, yourself or anyone in relevant families develop any symptoms, we ask you DO NOTattend the stadium and strongly encourage individuals to get tested and follow Victorian Government health directives.

If someone tests positive after attending a basketball activity, the following is recommended:

  • The individual notifies their club.
  • The club notifies the team involved about the positive result – recommends they get tested.
  • The club also notifies the association (DBA) so that they can also notify the opposition team and referees. This group are known as ‘social’ contacts.
  • Any social contact experiencing symptoms should use a Rapid Antigen Test. Understandably these are difficult to obtain at the moment, this website can help in locating purchase options.
  • If the test is negative, there is no need to isolate, but they should monitor for symptoms and use a Rapid Antigen Test daily for 5 days.
  • If someone tests positive on a Rapid Antigen Test, they must report the result

To see in detail what to do if someone tests positive to COVID-19, or has been told they are a close contact, you can follow the checklists and information resources here.  

For more information about these guidelines or enquiries about our basketball competitions email us today at