Explore the naming rights opportunity

Seize a unique opportunity for brand exposure and community connection with the Naming Rights for Dandenong Stadium. This rare opportunity allows your brand to shine in one of Victoria’s premier indoor sporting venues, engaging with a diverse and vibrant audience. Dandenong Stadium is not just a sports facility; it’s a community hub where families, athletes, and sports enthusiasts come together, presenting an ideal backdrop for meaningful brand integration and corporate social responsibility initiatives.

By expressing your interest, you’ll receive access to our Expression of Interest (EOI) document. This document provides key insights into the advantages of this naming rights sponsorship. You’ll learn about the potential for significant brand visibility, both on-site and digitally, the opportunity to engage with a wide demographic, and the ways in which this partnership can enhance your brand’s community presence and commitment to sustainability.

To delve into this promising opportunity, simply complete the registration form and the EOI will be emailed to you. Discover how aligning with Dandenong Stadium can elevate your brand and forge lasting connections within the community.

Dandenong Stadium Naming Rights Sponsorship Expression of Interest