South East Leisure is excited to announce a partnership with Game On Recycling, which will see visitors to Dandenong Stadium and Springers Leisure Centre able to drop off sports balls and rackets for free recycling.

South East Leisure is a newly formed subsidiary company of the City of Greater Dandenong and is responsible for operating four of the City’s aquatic and leisure facilities. Sustainability is a core value of South East Leisure and they have committed to making strategic decisions that will have a positive impact for tomorrow.

As one of Victoria’s premier sporting facilities, Dandenong Stadium hosts numerous national, state and school events each year. The stadium is the home to the Dandong Basketball Association and Volleyball Victoria. The array of facilities include 15 basketball courts which double to be 17 volleyball courts and 3 beach volleyball courts. On average, the stadium receives 17,000 visitors per week.

Similarly, Springers Leisure Centre is involved with various groups within the community, helping provide opportunities for sport and recreation in the City of Greater Dandenong. It boasts two multi-purpose stadiums, with five courts for basketball, netball, and indoor soccer, along with 10 badminton courts and eight volleyball courts.

South East Leisure’s commitment to sustainability is notable. This year they joined Sports Environment Alliance (SEA) and their mission to create a sustainable environment where sport can flourish into the future. They offer environmentally friendly merchandise options and align with suppliers who provide a sustainable option as part of their range. They are also working closely with City of Greater Dandenong to implement sustainable improvements to ensure facilities are operating efficiently.

As part of their sustainability journey, South East Leisure in has partnered with Game On Recycling at their Dandenong Stadium and Springers Leisure Centre to support the local community by enabling them to recycle sports balls and rackets.

Supported through the Australian Government’s National Product Stewardship Investment Fund, and administered through Australia and New Zealand Recycling Platform (ANZRP) and Wilson Sports Co, the Game On Recycling pilot program goal is to design a national product stewardship scheme for end-of-life sporting equipment.

Commencing in July 2021, the pilot program delivers a national collection and logistics service through participating retailers, schools, charities, sports clubs, and local councils. Collected equipment is transported to a Melbourne recycling facility and sorted into re-use or recycling categories. End-of-life items are recycled through methods, such as granulation, and research is underway to identify the potential reuse of recovered materials in the manufacturing of new products in Australia. These recycled materials, once processed, could potentially be used in soft fall matting, sports surface coatings and synthetic grass underlay.

Speaking about this partnership, ANZRP CEO Warren Overton said, “We are so pleased to have such premier sports facilities involved in our program and I commend South East Leisure for their commitment to sustainability”

John Clark, CEO at South East Leisure said “we are committed to sustainability and are ensuring this remains a focus.  The partnership with Game On Recycling is another example of our commitment and we’re thrilled to support the initiative.”

Find out how you can support Game On Recycling and the South East Leisure’s’ sustainability journey by visiting the Game On Recycling website: https://gameonrecycling.com.au